EC3D イーシースリーディー 3D Pro メンズ コンプレッション シュートパンツ


こちらの商品はEC3D イーシースリーディーの3D Pro メンズ コンプレッション シュートパンツです。

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こちらの商品はEC3D イーシースリーディーの3D Pro メンズ コンプレッション シュートパンツです。

EC3D 3D Pro Men’s Compression Shorts

The TechnologyEngineered Compression 3-Dimensional (EC3D) technology, fits like a second skin to optimize the biomechanics of the entire body, rather than target isolated zones. Each garment is anatomically designed to create variable compression, higher furthest from the heart, to direct biomechanical support and healing where science has proven the body needs it the most. The FibersAll EC3D garments feature seamless construction, with a comfortable yet functional fit based on orthopedic science and textile research. EC3D is Seamless Orthopedic Compression Wear, which utilizes a scientifically advanced Invista Lycra and Polyester blend to create a body-conforming, anatomically specific garment. The ResearchThe principle of variable compression, precisely measures in units of mmHg, is based on the latest research in vascular medicine. Various scientific studies have found that applying external compression to extremities increases venous return. In addition, reducing the blood volume of superficial venous compartments and interstitial spaces has been proven to counteract gravitational effects and promote venous strength.

 ・Enhance blood circulation
 ・Shapes and supports muscles
 ・Help prevent injuries
 ・Speed up recovery
 ・Ultra groin support
 ・Calibrated compression : 15-20 mmHg
 ・70% Polyester, 30% Elastane (Invista Lycra)



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