Epoch エポック Dragonfly WC32 Gen. 6 コンポジット レディース ラクロス クロス スティック シャフト


こちらの商品はEpoch エポックのDragonfly WC32 Gen. 6 コンポジット レディース ラクロス クロス スティック シャフトです。

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こちらの商品はEpoch エポックのDragonfly WC32 Gen. 6 コンポジット レディース ラクロス クロス スティック シャフトです。

Epoch Dragonfly WC32 Gen. 6 Composite Women’s Lacrosse Shaft

Defend your half of the field with a solid grip for stability and stance, Epoch’s concave design provides this for the midfielder and defensive player. The WC32 is perfectly balanced for controlling the draw and getting possession for your team.

Epoch understands there are fundamental differences between men and women’s lacrosse. This is why they developed products specifically tailored to your needs, providing the feel you’re looking for in a lightweight shaft designed for the elite player.

Torque Box

 ・The key to the Gen.6 Dragonfly is Epoch’s Advanced Carbon Layering (ACL), the Dragonfly consists of very thin composite layers arranged in many different orientations; The torque box is located deep in the layup and involves a few specific changes to critical layers; Layers can be as thin as a few sheets of paper so it’s nearly impossible to see with the naked eye
 ・The torque box is specifically centered on the key areas along the length of the shaft, just above the bottom hand and just below the top of the shaft; this places the technology in critical areas between and around the hands to create an optimal effect
 ・Epoch found that by increasing the strength through the center of the shaft, it could reduce the weight near the ends resulting in one of the lightest shafts on the market

Reload Technology

 ・When passing or shooting, a load is introduced to the shaft causing it to flex back, which causes the carbon fibers to be stretched along the front of the shaft and compressed along the back; Reload Technology takes advantage of this situation by using low F.A.W. (Fiber Areal Weight) and high-modulus carbon fiber, which creates urgency for the fibers to return to their natural position for maximum recoil

Axis Technology

 ・ACL (Advanced Carbon Layering) Has allowed Epoch to control how they layer the carbon on their shafts at varying angles to control energy transfer, flexural integrity, and torsional stability. Making this one of the most advanced shafts on the market

Flex IQ

 ・Epoch achieves flex by manipulating the orientation of the carbon fiber; Epoch’s shaft’s bend when you need it to, but retains its firmness for maximum control; Conventional shafts that tout flex often use fiberglass, a cheaper, less durable material, to increase the bendability. Don’t sacrifice your game, choose Epoch; Flex Scale is 1-10, 1 being more stiff,less flex and 10 being less stiff, more flex



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